Top Austin Rib Joints

I am writing this from a place of love for Austin BBQ. Not being a native I did not know what real BBQ was until I live here. Now that I have been here for over 6 years I can safely say I have a solid opinion of where to get some of the best ribs in Austin.

What kind of ribs? Pork? Beef? Styles? Well I will go over quite a few of them here. I am not including the neighboring towns in this article only because we all know that Lockhart, Taylor, Driftwood have some pretty darn good ribs. This is for the person who comes into town for a night or two for work and doesn’t have much time to venture out in the sticks.
Beef Ribs
Oh the beautiful taste of Beef Ribs. I had not experienced this for the first time until I made it to Austin. They are delicious and provide a lot of meat. I remember the first time I ordered a beef rib I said “I’ll take a couple of beef ribs” and the guy looked at me from behind the chopping block and said “Uh, sir a beef rib is 2-3lbs for 1 rib”, shocked as I was I just bought the one and it was plenty.
In order I am going to rank my Top 3 favorite’s in Austin:
  1. Terry Black’s – I am sure you have heard of the Black’s family BBQ. Terry Black’s in Austin has a darn freakin’ great Beef Rib and you don’t have to venture far from downtown to get it.
  2. Cooper’s – Now this place gets it. Delicious Beef Rib with a juice sauce that is so good you can drink it. Free beans? Um yes please. You can even make yourself a little bean, juice, beef rib meat stew by combining them and some of the free jalapenos if you want to try something interesting.

  3. La Barbecue – The only reason this one is 3 out of 3 is because of the wait/running out of food. If you get a chance to get there early and have one, the quality of the rib and the flavor is phenomenal but if you are short on time the other 2 are the best options.
Pork Ribs
The great thing about pork ribs is the different styles, flavors, variety involved. They can be charred and crunchy on the outside while soft on the inside, soft all around, and man do Texas pork ribs fall off the bone!

  1. Franklin’s – It is hard to beat a Franklin’s pork rib. I know that people argue against that but this man is the master of BBQ and I still think he has the best pork rib in town. Watch him on the show BBQ Pitmasters and see how hard he judges rib contests and you will know that he knows what he is talking about.

  2. Stubb’s – An oldie but goodie. Stubb’s still does an amazing job on BBQ in their restaurant in downtown Austin. This is what I expect when I think classic Texas smoked pork rib. Plus catch a concert while you’re there.

  3. Smokey Mo’s – I know people are going to be like “What???”. I am telling you, don’t knock it until you try it. They have some delicious varieties of pork ribs that will make you say “Hmm why was I so skeptical before?”. I promise you will not be disappointed, the crusting and fall of the bone burnt meat is so good you will return. Don’t be so uppity, it’s not becoming of you mr/miss reader.
Again, these are just my top 3 in those categories for a variety of reasons. They all offer something a little different, if you try all 3 from each category you will see what I mean. There are so many good places it is hard to decide sometimes but the places above are the ones that I frequent and that means something to me. What are your thoughts? Feel free to comment on our Facebook page. Are there any you want me to try? I will do it and post a follow up article.

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